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Exportadora Aquila Australis Ltda. born from the need for a direct and cost-effective way to export our productions of citrus and give it added value and personalized to our customers. Among the processed species are oranges, lemons and tangerines. We participate in the entire chain of processes that involves the export of fruit. For this we have a human team of first line and an infrastructure that is developing new commercial and production challenges.


slide0003 image024Our mission is responsibly to process the fresh fruit from our fields, in order to ensure that this meets the requirements of safety and quality in the various markets in which it is marketed.


Being a leading company in the region in a citrus processing services, to meet the requirements of different markets. That people working in the company are part of it and to be proud to belong to the team. To be leaders in clean both agricultural and industrial. Avoiding the environmental impact of our production processes.

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